Beneath Songtext
von Night Lovell

Beneath Songtext

Posted by the corner, caught that gas
Changin every day, with that sight, from the past
Damn my bitch say I'm a goner, she say I'm blessed
To tell me that I'll never make it straight back up that path
All the glass broke in the dark room, 10 o' clock
Strikin then I wait, put your body in the shop
Drinkin water through the motherfuckin journey to the top
I come with shit you say I never really put back in the pot
From the rain from the forest with the sounds low
Change know I got that - ain't no joke, hoe
You probably think I'm tryin
Look beyond the body and make sure this ain't no fishin toll
Shit... ice fall down
Starin at the well flow well beneath the ground
Based with a case by the pound
Ride real quick, roll up in your damn town
Right up in your motherfuckin town
I pull up with that coat, white suit, all around
Lack of the knowledge that you say
Talkin bout the motherfuckin problems of today
All black whip, cash in the zip
Grab that shit, whole bag, don't trip
North Leather seat, Northface lime green
Only pack cash for my motherfuckin team, yeah

Bitch you never, bitch you never
Bitch you never came to me and claim that you so clever
Bitch you never, I'mma get her
Lost in the web full of fuckin trend-setters
Find me on the game show
Simply told you that I really got that cash flow
You never wanna know
Heat from the motherfuckin fire, take a seat
Nigga tell me bout the baddest bitches that I wanna meet
Fuck nigga still, laid her by the mill
Focus on the bills, simmer down, how that feel
Bitch go down, shake it for a nigga
Yeah, forget about that nigga
Always in that place, never fuckin late
Chase at the sight of that motherfuckin gate
Doin shit, people never really wanna try to do
I take the pain from the side as I fall through
As I fall through... fall through... through

Lace down, face down
Take that crown, talk to the ground
I do it again, I never repent
Sleep in a tent, down all way

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