My Special Someone Songtext
von Neil Diamond

My Special Someone Songtext

You are My Special Someone
All I will ever need
I know I'd be lost without you
I hope you'd be lost without me

I've searched alone
But your the only one
You're what I want
When things are said and done
I guess I only needed
Someone who was just like you
Someone who'd be
My Special Someone too

I stumbled down love's main highway
But not without takin' some falls
I've seen my illusions fly away
Until I had none left at all

And then you rescued
What was left of me
What maybe some would call a fantasy
But me, I'd have to say it only proves
How strange love moves
I need to be your special someone too

'Cause what I needed most
Is what she gave to me
And where she lays her head
Is where I want to be
There's something wrong with losing
What we finally found
Now when I've lost my way
I've got My Special Someone round

And when she needed love
She found it here with me
Now where I lay my head
Is where she wants to be
I've got a secret but it's one
That's hard to keep
I want to tell the world
That special someone is my girl
That special someone is my girl
She wants to be My Special Someone too

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