Memories Songtext
von Neffex

Memories Songtext

It's that first day of first grade
that cute girl your third date
that back pack that snap back
you've had since the third grade

The first time you got laid
the worst time you got played
it hurt but your ok
you learned from your mistakes

Your friends back in high school
we thought we were so cool
we'd steal Jack my dad's stash
and drink the whole night through

The first time you first moved
dad's new job a new roof
new student made new friends a new start a new you

I guess things could be worse
dad's in sales and my mom is a nurse
family comes first
remember all the good and forget about the worst
some things will burn
others will hurt
but you can make it work
just flashback and be glad that you can look back at a good past happy that you have that

I like living in the past
makes me thankful for everything I have
every time that I laughed
it makes me greatful for the present and the past
don't live life too fast
take it all slowly and you can make it last
keep all the friends that you had back in your math class you'll be glad that you have em when you look back.

It's that time that you got caught
you snuck out and forgot
your parents were so mad but man she was so hot

That time you got too drunk
the first time you blew chunks
it's ok we all drank too much when we're too young

The first time you held hands
your first time in romance
you thought you had no chance but still asked her to dance

The time that you moved out
your parents were so proud
and waving goodbye they held back their tears somehow

All lives aren't the same
but we can work together and we can make a change
this life is strange
remember all the good while forgetting all the pain

Think back to a day
when you were so free just to run around to play
you can have that dayyy
just let go let your mind run away

Learn to be young
have a little fun with your friends in the sun
in life you only got one
give yourself a break quit livin on the run

And be where your feet are
layin down at night just to stair up at the stars
and be proud of who you are
wear ya memories on your sleeve like a scar

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