Tambourine - N: Thyme Songtext
von Nana Grizol

Tambourine - N: Thyme Songtext

Jump in to that water, is it cold or is it hot,
Or is it nothing quite worth mentioning at all.
Hearts they will awaken, to remember fears of breaking
But all animals must answer to their call

It's like how when I try to write a song, sometimes the words just come out wrong,
But if I never picked the pen up, held inside and never shared
And oh was that so eloquent, it wasn't really what I meant,
At least you got the notion that I care

And a song well sung is a sung well song so sing.
If nothing else you must remember that you're still breathing

So we ignore those body parts that get so wet and get so hard,
And focus on our beating hearts, your arm to hold me here to guard me
I can sleep alone tonight, I feel weird but that's alright
I'm learning not to think too much, I turn the lights out and sleep tight

And if I make a big mistake, if anything well then it wont take
Forever just to find myself again. In a subjective sense we've sense
We've seen a lot, yeah we make the best of what we've got
All we are is everything and everyone we've ever been so.

Tell me not to fall in love with you
And frankly my friend I think that's the sweetest thing you do

Summer in my town is nice, my front porch is my paradise
And I can sit here every night, yes I can watch the world go by,
And know that I'm in motion to occasionally think of you
And just hope that you realize that when you sit here by my side
Whatever that implies will be just fine
My heart beats like a tambourine that plays along in time.

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