Brilliant Blue Songtext
von Nana Grizol

Brilliant Blue Songtext

Spoke of motivation and attention that I could not stand
I'd dreamt of easy answers and abandoned everything
Said oh no, I hold them dear
The things I left just to be here
Such sentiments, they stuck my ears
A taught and tinny ring
But there I was, just sitting in your room
Some boy you barely knew
Cars passed by as the conversation grew
Somewhere out on Ditmas avenue, ooh

A snowy walk, you gave me gloves
I told you I believed in love
It's something I've been thinking of
These weeks you've been away
Tried hard not to seek sublime
In dreams of the domestic kind
And sure we settled some in time
I'm glad I came to stay

Family's care, you take time to convey
We hung photos on the wall of all our friends so far away
And said, "I hope you'll come and stay again some day"
Yeah, we're always thinking of you (Ooh)

And on the ninth time out of ten
You just start to begin
To let the light shine through in brilliant blue
And take a breath and then
Circle 'round the sun
Open to what comes
Said I'm still me, I'll always be
But that don't mean I'm done

Intimate and understood
The way we tell these tales feels good
We wander through the neighborhood
Some night some other time
Boundaries once were laundry lists
That never captured quite the gist
The boys we've kissed, consoled and missed
So tenderly remind

For now, I'm just not terribly concerned
Except for the essence left unlearned
And now our footsteps toward the house have turned
Live oaks lean in early evening

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