My War Songtext
von My Ruin

My War Songtext

My soul rose through the centuries
Side by side with the greatest leaders
Drank from their knowledge
Derived by their honour and glory
The world has changed
No more longer honour and glory
Crushed by banality of a race that preachees equality

With your hypocritical tolerance
You throw mud on our greatness
We, descendants of noble and demonic ancestry

You'd humiliated our ideals with your false moralism
You thought us defeated
Painfully deceived about your union
Beware, you will learn to fear our look
Because what you think a defeat is our rebirth,

Restored by hate and rage
That hypocritical humanity had gripped
Drop by drop, time by time
In our palpitating veins

My war - against your hypocrisy
My war - against false utopia sellers
Against who buried our glory
Because my enemies are my honour
My war
My war
My war
My war

What you considered dead is rebirthing from their ashes
Thirsty demon of hate and glory
Furios rage slowly preparing but unrelenting
To spread his dark light on your minor minds
On your inferiority

In his name a new age will flourish
In which your worst nightmare
Will be our victorious eyes...

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