Metamorphosis Songtext
von My Ruin

Metamorphosis Songtext

Take Me Down To The River Bed Clean The Sheets On Which I Bled...
Four White Horses Come For Me There's No Way To Comfort Me...
Soak My Secrets In A Box Bury Them Beneath The Rocks...
Dressed In Dirt You Cover Me Hope He Won't Discover Me...
Watch My Body Turning Cold, Watch My Body... Let Me Go!
Tell The Truth, Kill The Tracks, There Will Be No Coming Back...
Pretend That We Don't Have A Past, Let This Friendship Die At Last!
Watch My Body Turning Cold, Watch My Body... Let You Go!

Religion Is Relationships, What You See Is What You Get!
Slip Into Unconsciousness - My Metamorphosis!

Arms, Hands - See Her With Her Imperfections!
Bones, Skin - Resurrection Is Her Sin!
Arms, Hands - See Me With My Imperfections!
Bones, Skin - Resurrection Is My Sin!

Think Of Me And Close Your Eyes Use Up All Your Alibis!
Drink Yourself To My Last Breath Tell Them All About My Death!
Murder Me With All Your Lies, But I Am Still Alive!
Promise That You Will Forget I'll Remember All Of It!


All Sensation Has Now Left Me... Save That Which Keeps My Heart Still Beating!

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