Get It Goin' On Songtext
von Mustard Plug

Get It Goin' On Songtext

get it going on(get it moving)
listen up children, heed the words i say
there are people here amongst us, who have lost their way
some people have forgotten what its all about
rock-n-roll is here to make you dance and shout
they cower in the backround, and they sneer and whine
time to take it back, do ya hear my cry... hey, hey!
can ya help me?(can you help me now?)
can ya break me?(can you break me now?)
yeah i know what you're thinking
'cause i thought it too
but if you think you're to smart
you're a fucking fool!
there is only one salvation that can save your soul
time to testify to the rock-n-roll
the musics coming harder and the feeling is right
can you make it moving
can you move it tonight

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