Fire Songtext
von Mousse T.

Fire Songtext

(feat. Emma Lanford)

Blazes a raise keeps me home tonight
Deeper red in the Fahrenheits
Temper'ture is high lyin' here with you
So satisfied with the things you do.

No need for conversation no need for words
Let your love an electric blue whatever you prefer.

I'm on fire baby I'm on fire
Yeh I'm on fire baby Ya I'm on fire.

Starspangled carnival parades on by
Magic like the first time we were eye to eye
Say ya don't like the taste of coffee
and you sure hate tea
But you could shoot a shot of whiskey
in your good company.
So what started out as one drink
became half a dozen
and you said you's in the mood
for some good extra lovin'

I'm on fire baby Yeh I'm burnin'
Yeh I'm on fire baby Feel me burnin'.
I'm on fire baby I'm on fire
I'm on fire baby Ya I'm on fire.

Nobody turn the fire out
I need it hot when you're aba-out
You're body heat will set me free
My mind is there and bodyyyyyy...


I'm on fire baby I'm on fire
I'm on fire baby Ya I'm on fire

Fire... burnin'...
Fire... burnin'...

I'm on fire... Yeh I'm burnin'...
I'm on fire baby... Yeh I'm burnin'...

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