Happy Songtext
von Mother Mother

Happy Songtext

Ask me if I′m happy
I don't know
If it is a place we need to go
Ask me if I′m happy
I don't care
Maybe I'd be happy if you disappear
Maybe I′d be happy if you give me drugs
Drugs can make a fuck last all night long
Cus nothing makes me happy about getting off
Reaching for the saddest little cloth
Reaching for the water on the sill
Water with the saddest little film
Ask me if I′m happy
What does it mean?
I'll tell you that I am if you tell me I′m dreaming
To wake up in a place I've never been
Wake up to a face I′ve never seen
Wake up with the purest sense of being
Yeah to wake up to a woman that isn't screaming
Ask me if I′m happy
La la la
Happy is a pill for the faint of hearts
Happy is a place in the dark

In the dark
In the dark
Ya you know it is

Ask me if I'm happy one more time
I'll give you a reply if you give me your eye
I′ll leave you with an itty bitty hole
Well it′s nothing like the one inside my soul
It's nothing like the canyon of my heart
Well at least I got some room to fall apart
Yeah, ask me if I′m happy I'll tell you what
Happy is a diamond in the rough
Happy it ain′t enough

Ain't enough
Ain′t enough
Yeah you know it ain't

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