With You - With Me Songtext
von Morten Harket

With You - With Me Songtext

Can I see you for a moment
Can I sit with you a while
I know it's late
But everything is late

All my life I've been a drifter
And that's how you know me, too
I've never seen
Tomorrow's view

All along I hear this song
That something else some day will come along
Late, but suddenly, I know what I must do
I didn't see it coming
I didn't know it was you

The days are high
And the nights are deep
And I can feel it moving in me
And nothing's like it used to be
With you - with me

You may have seen me live my life
Sometimes I've lived for fun
It's easy said...
Not so easy done

You may have watched me in the moonlight
Falling from the sky
Like every dreamer
Can go to high

And all along I hear this song
That something else one day will come along
Seamless night
To find you by my side
I didn't see it coming
My ever drifting mind

The days are high...

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