Slow Down Jo Songtext
von Monsters of Folk

Slow Down Jo Songtext

Slow down Jo
Anybody ever tell you that you move too fast?
Anybody ever tell you how to make a good thing last?
Cuz it ain't like that . . .

First you gotta slow down Jo.
Last night I was talking to some friends of mine.
A.J.'s afraid you're gonna kill your time or lose your mind.

If you don't slow down Jo.
Anybody ever tell you if you lose the knack.
Anybody ever tell you that it's true
You can get it back?
But not like that . . .

It ain't by kicking down the walls & pissing off your friends.
Every time the cards don't fall your way.
It ain't by poking out your eyes
when you see something you don't like.
Even your mama said she don't want to see you spent at 25,
So come on Jo stay alive . . .

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