Downsized Songtext
von Moloko

Downsized Songtext

Tell me dearest enemy what you make of me
I didn't last, so fast you blast kinetic energy
I can't erase the memory

If I put a foot wrong
You could laugh out loud, like you've been laughing to yourself all along
Such lies, sweet hush of lullabies
In a small town loose talk it kind of gets around

I must reject all that I once believed
I've been deceived
Behind my back
I am quietly and suredly under attack

Downsized I guess I shouldn't be surprised
Two faced the time has come to be replaced
Betrayal, tiny minds
Something sinister's going on behind

You were my downfall
See me crawl, one and all
If I could only be a fly on the wall
Nothing is clear
So sincere in my ear
You look so pretty when you sneer
Behind the smile, sweet child
You were grinding your teeth all the while
Betrayed, low grade
Always delayed
Did you ever have the slightest intention to stay?

(Doo duh dee-dum doo duh doo)

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