Hey Lover Songtext

Hey lover
I could be like any other
And if another
Tries to come and blow my cover
You would mutter
Hey fucker
There could be no any other
Than my lover
He's my one and only other
Right lover?
Yeah baby
You could drive me fucking crazy
With your waist, see
I'm a sucker and I crave thee
Am I crazy?
No honey
I will give you all my money
Ain't it funny
That it seems nothing but scummy
Compared to your honey

If this is the end
How can we be sure
That we found out everlasting love?
The things that we said
Have flown out the door
Don't you know we've done this all before?
Now we're crying

Crying, crying
Crying, crying

Hey lover
I could be your one and only
If you're lonely
All you've got to do is hold me
Listen closely
Oh darling
Every touch is so disarming
Is it charming
That I find you quite alarming
Would you haunt me?
No never
You're the one true thing I treasure
And I'd never
Do a damn thing that would sever
Our forever
And momma
I been fucked up, so unstable
And unable
To get up and turn the tables
This time fable

We can't pretend
No not anymore
Don't know how we've wasted
All our love
But now as in then
We've been here before
On our way to everlasting love
Now we're crying

Crying, crying
Crying, crying

All the nights that we've spent talking
Kept me up for days
Scream and shout until you have me, crying
Don't look back girl, just keep walking
I can take the pain
[?] 'cause now you've got me

Crying, crying
Crying, crying

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