Dust Layers Songtext
von Mimicking Birds

Dust Layers Songtext

June traded me for October
Carried me through to the November winds

Caves in the ground, though we often slip
To look outside with squinting eyes
I crawled underneath to live on
As time squeezed out both sides

You barely move to lift one of your fingers
Just clinch your fist and bend all of them (bend all of them)

Aim towards the ground, you cannot miss
Or aim high if that's your bulls-eye
Every piece that's found should not be mis-
Taken as one from your pie

It's cool how you are just you
It's nice how we can just hang on too
It seems like we don't lose our youth
And I just can't see you losing you

Born of ice and salt
I'll meet you back there
'Cause we are foreign travelers
Of many dimensions here or there
Dormant underground
Like a windblown seed, it's sewn
One millennium ends tomorrow
Dust layers to clutter on the shelf

So many layers of some strange blue
He saw layers of dust down to the core
It's pretty unfortunate 'bout that, it's only us
But we heard 'em, your precious words
A shitstorm mixed with the dust, but oh well
It's just a fraction of what sinks to the floor
As the passing of time lines with the layers of dust, pieces of us
Born to cities of rust under the crust, add another layer of dust
I'll take the ice and nebulas

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