Horse Songtext
von Mighty Oaks

Horse Songtext

Well you crossed the border in '59
You left your family, your loved one behind
And they say that love is the water that keeps you strong
Well I know that I've been thirsting for you for too long

You picked it up, and traveld down
You've seen the sun rise over this town
You gave me a smile and you told the truth
Well I know not what I can expect from you

A lonley ride through a qiuet town
A solemn soul whose tales are old and they show their shrouds
I, well, I know not what I can expect from you

With leathered skin, pales eyes of blue
A smile that shines high above two worn out boots
I, well; I know not what i can expect from you

Well I know not, what I can expect from you
You told me you'd hold me and I watched you go your way

You picked it up, you traveld down
You seen the sun over this town

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