Movies Like Juno Songtext
von Midwest Pen Pals

Movies Like Juno Songtext

Hey dad, I′ve got some questions.
One, where the fuck is mom?
Two, is she ever coming home?
Three, why did she leave us?
I know those are all sort of the same question, but i'm feeling sorry for myself.
Why am I always sad? I keep pointing fingers but karma always get back at me.

Sometimes, I lay awake thinking about the past and all the shitty things that happened,
The way it all turned out and the way that things are now.
What are scars but memories we can′t forget?
Well mom, you gave me a lot of scars and they really haven't faded.
We all get your letters but you can't quite seem to get it, we all forgive, but none of us can forget.
I hope you′re doing well, maybe we′ll talk again one day? I love you, I loved you never.

Soon we'll be alright; we′ve made plans to keep our heads high.

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