Let It Go? Songtext
von Midge Ure

Let It Go? Songtext

Once I saw a promised land
Wrapped in many shades of green
But I sat and watched the world go by
Confused by all the things I've seen
Should I stand up say what's on my mind
Point my finger at the wrong I find
Let it linger till another time or let it go
I've seen forests turn to fields of sand
To satisfy a rich man's greed
Now the tears that fall upon this land
Won't help to grow a nation's needs
Should I shout out from the highest tower
Should I take it to the highest power
Show the plague that turns a whole world sour, or let it go
I seeked comforg, in a sea of fools
And wrapped their lies around for protections
But if lies were any answer at all
Were just adding to this world infection
Can I turn and smile and kiss it away
Leave it lying for another day
Should I fall down on my knees and pray, or let it go
There's a passon that destroys all the caring
And walks across the flowers of affection
Breaks them down into the soil we are sharing
And leaves us with this life rejection
Am I strong enough to stand my ground
Lift my head and show the strength I've found
Try to keep from hell or heaven bound
Or let it go, Don't let it go

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