I Never Said I Loved You Songtext
von Michael Schulte

I Never Said I Loved You Songtext

If i could change the world
I'd rearrange the words
And leave a few unspoken
But that's not how it is
You can't return a kiss
And sometimes hearts are broken

You can't forget your memories
Like a song without a melody

It's a long, it's a long way
I was wrong, I was wrong, hey
Talking like we know the words
For all I never said, and all you somehow heard
Misreading my feelings
I'm sorry it hurts, but it's true
I never said i loved you

Baby this is it
Some things just don't fit
But it doesn't stop us trying
Gotta learn to let it go
Take a turn on what you know
I don't like to see you crying
There's only one way out here
But it's not the way you want hear

Hearing is believing
And i hate to see you leaving
Hearing is believing
But what you thought you heard
Got you caught in hurt
What you thought you heard...

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