February, 1878 Songtext
von mewithoutYou

February, 1878 Songtext

February 8th 18 and 78,
Saw the drop green west of Cedar Lake
From the winding mountain trail
The North Pacific Union Rail.
The snow arrived on time;
The circus train was running late.
Ripped spots pass, and all the knuckles worn,
Fire bombs bursting to the running boards!
A pounding in his chest crushing like a cider press,
The hogger rode the throttle 'round the bender like a flank-strapped horse.
As Elephant addressed the frightened animal car,
“We'll return now to the dust, for the dust we are!
Tonight, our bridal fate - the hour's come to consummate!”
And drove her massive body on the truck into the iron bars.
Large stone thrown from out the hopper's back,
Our car tossed against the diamond stack
That cradled the caboose -
The frozen bolt broke loose!
Sent that cage spinnin' like a dreidel off the icy tracks.

Run on, Rabbit, run!
Before the east sky wakes the sun,
Sails set to the dreadful cold
Until your anchor heart take hold!

Run on, Fox and Bear!
From this dismal dream's despair.
Cast thoughts to the open ocean there
'til your thread catch somewhere!

“All other beasts, come along!” They cried.
But Elephant remained inside.
"My tusks are dough, my eyes half blind,
Too old to run, too big to hide,
And have neither friend nor enemy,
Nor that phantom “self-identity”,
Nor concern for what they'll do to me.
Now my children run free!"

The tiger wives sit still,
As the officers climb the hill.
What stars cast down their spears,
Hold your fire with their tears?
Gone that siren sound,
It's a silence, now a border's down.
Gone my next of kin,
All ones without now lives within.

Topiary tiger once burned bright.
Say their sail's a notching sight.
Take me from this auspicious night.
Topiary tiger once burned bright.

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