Aubergine Songtext
von mewithoutYou

Aubergine Songtext

Sugar down the syrup in the Queen Anne's lace
Shining in the light of nightshade
Cultivating unsophistication in my face
Trying to think of nothing to say
Grapes gone sour and the spinach went to seed
It was spindly and sick from the outset
Waiting for the hour with a wherewithal to leave
Patient as a dog for its master


Labrador was locked through the promontory rock
She called down, said time is an illusion
An inconsequential shift as the continents drift
But my confidence was crushed and I miss you regardless


Aubergine: You can be your body but please don't mind
If I don't fancy myself mine--you at 32 still tied to your poor mother's apron strings!

Sorrel in the gravel and the saffron robe
Sleeping like a shark in the cordgrass
Now I saw how far I travelled down the solipsistic road
I climbed out to ask for directions
There was not a pond in sight, here I'm gasping like a fish
In the desert with a basket full of eggplant
Who asked about the passage from the bible on my wrists
But I couldn't catch my breath enough to answer

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