This Love Songtext
von Meghan Trainor

This Love Songtext

Lo-lo-lo-lo-love Love's got a hold on me
But i don't think i'm ready
I'm focusing on myself
Love won't keep me steady
And I wonder if everyone's got a love of their own
oh oh, and who else is left to love me alone

I say ohhh, yes i'm falling for you
Let me know if your feeling just like I do
Oh, I'm kind of confuse
Don't know if I want or if i need this love

Lo-lo-lo-lo- love Everyday I'm waiting and i feel like
Everyone has someone on their own life
Oh, and i feel like I'm the only one alone
So someone gotta tell me, do i need love just to be happy?

(Repeat refrain and)

Should i walk in the city of danger
Should i stay here on my own
Should i give my heart to a stranger
Could I go through life alone
I'm just thinkin' for me
If I am hopelessly falling for you
What else can I do besides
Love you... ohhh


This love
This love ohhh
Don't know if i want or need this love
I don't know
ohhh, babe somebody tell me if i need love

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