The Road Less Travelled Songtext
von Matt Woods

The Road Less Travelled Songtext

Picturing some
Just a kid alone
And I'm scared.
Wounded throw the darkness
Till the road she for to had.
And till the right the way look I
Make cleared by those before me
They left the all the ground
They're undertreated.
The better story:
Aren't it strange?
How much can change
With Each decision made.
Should I choose to be a pilgrim
Or maverick today?

Well no one knows and so it goes
So will comes to be.
It is the left the road less traveled by
That close to me.

Give me a courage of lion
In the wilderness
Where the hands of fit
Grown up on my chest.
The fact is
I am a lion
Just like mama said
Gods to keep my chin up
But Never show I'm scared.

They said:
Journey is hard my child,
You must believe, don't look behind
Take the road less traveled by
Take the road less traveled.
And I don't guarantee – she said then –
Easy way or happy end.
But on the road less traveled
You become the man what you were born to be.

Every step that I took left
My weakness was to fire.
My head was turning ivy,
My eyes were turning white.
My skin grouted like leather,
My hands and feet like bows
To lead. It was time climb to mountains.
So what could be me brought.

Bring out the lions
From the wilderness.
Where the hands and feet
Grown up on my chest.
'Cuz now I'm a lion
I belong here.
See my hand holds daddy
As the pride road knee.

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