Come Get to This Songtext
von Marvin Gaye

Come Get to This Songtext

A-1, 2, 3, 4

Girl, you've been gone away a real long time
Awww, i nearly went out of my mind
Waiting on you
Ahhh, i missed your loving when you left
Sugar, you did

Aww, baby, come here
Let me caress you
Owww, honey, your letters showed me what you missed
Come here, sugar, and get to this

Oh, baby (i can't stop loving you, girl)
I want you here (yeah, yeah, ohh)
I want to do something freaky to you
I want to feel what i felt
Ahh, come, baby, and get to this

Ooh, remember, baby, how you made me feel just like a king
Ahhh, i can't wait, baby, i'm ready for you to start doing your thing

Trying to blow your mind, you're so fine
So petite, aww, candy sweet
Awww, i can't wait, come here, come here, baby
Get to this!

(Yeah yeah yeah... sweet love, sweet love of mine
Oh, honey, so glad to have you back, ooh
Everything else'll have to get back)

Ooh, nothing's changed
You're still as sweet as the summer rain
And i'm standing ready to love you baby
Make it good to you

Ooh, i need your love
Don't make me wait, i can't wait
Naw, i'm so impatient for your love
Come here, come here, sugar, baby
Get to this

I know you 've been gone a very long time
You nearly blew my mind, baby
Girl, you've been gone for so long
I'm so glad, baby, glad that you're home
Oh, baby.


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