The Chair Songtext
von Marty Robbins

The Chair Songtext

All night long I tried but couldn′t sleep.
Tried to be a man, tried not to weep.
Now I hear the turning of the key,
Silently, the guard motions to me.
Now realize the end is near
And I find I can't control my fear.
As I pass the guard, I start to cry,
And I whisper, "I don′t want to die!"
Then from death row comes a whisper, "Charlie, be a man."
And I scream, "Just wait till your turn, then see if you can!"

Down the hall they push and carry me.
Blind with fright and tears won't let me see.
Through a door and then I stop and stare,
'Cause I see it, there it is, THE CHAIR.
Then they strap me in and turn to leave,

And the prison chaplain says "Believe,
Faith in God will cause him to forgive."
I have faith, but still I want to live.
Suddenly, I′m paralyzed, this must be the end.
My body jerks and trembles as they turn it on again.
Quickly as it came, the pain is gone.
I hear music, someone sings a song.
Suddenly I seem to float through air.
Something′s wrong 'cause I′m still in THE CHAIR.
In the room there's hardly any light,
Now I see a doctor dressed in white.
I hear every word, it′s plainly said.
Did I hear them say, "This man is dead?"
Did I hear them say, "This man is dead?

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