Livingstone Bramble Songtext
von Mark Kozelek & Desertshore

Livingstone Bramble Songtext

Livingstone Bramble had a pretty good rumble
With Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini
Watched it last night on my TV
On Classic ESPN
Laying in bed next to my girlfriend
Drifted off looking at the ceiling with a pretty good feeling
And I lay awake all night long thinking man, that Bramble sure was strong
And I lay awake all night long, the foghorns blew on and on
I got up and I went to the studio
Got stopped by a crackhead named Joe
He had a lot to get off his chest
He wanted some money and he was homeless
I gave him some time and twenty bucks
I shook his hand and I said good luck
Then I went to the delicatessen, got a bottle of water for my session
And I worked out a couple of songs and I played my guitar all day long
And I worked out a couple of songs and I played my guitar all day long
I can play like Fripp or Johnny Marr and I can play circles round Jay Farrar
I like Jeff Beck and Page just fine but I hate Derek Trucks and Nels Cline
I hate Nels Cline
Got in late last night from the studio
Keith Thurman had a fight on HBO
The rounds went past pretty goddamn slow
But he left with a record of 20 and 0
It was 3am and my girl was asleep, it was 11am in Cadiz
So I called my Spannish promoter about a tour coming up in October
It was 4am when I hung up and I cuddled up next to my love
It was 4am when I went to bed, couldn't shut the guitars off in my head
I can play like Malcolm and Neil Young
And I can play circles round most anyone
I like Kirk Hammett and Steve Vai
But I hate Eric Clapton and Nels Cline
I hate Nels Cline

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