Trouble in Mind Songtext
von Marianne Faithfull

Trouble in Mind Songtext

Trouble in mind, I′m blue
But I won't be blue always
The sun will shine
In my back door some day

Trouble in mind, that′s true
I have almost lost my mind
Life ain't worth living
Sometimes I feel like dying

I'm gonna lay my head
On some lonesome railroad line
Let the 2: 19 train
Ease my trouble in mind

Trouble, oh trouble
Trouble′s on your worried mind
When you see me laughing, baby
I′m laughing just to keep from crying

I'm going down to the river
I′m gonna take my old rocking chair
And if those blues overtake me
I'm gonna rock on away from there

Trouble in mind, I′m blue
My poor heart is beating slow
Never had no trouble in my life before
Never had no trouble in my life before

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