Pale Black Eye Songtext
von Manchester Orchestra

Pale Black Eye Songtext

Father, I plead in waves
So I don't need you like I used to
Fear and nostalgia say hey
I don't have it anymore

Whatever you want
Whatever you need
Bleed from me, right from me
Bleed from me

I don't have yours or mine
I don't hurt you like I used to
Maybe you must be tired
When you sleep, you sleep alone

And understand the throne
And if he didn't pay
What he had paid
I'd undeniably become erased

So whatever you want
Take whatever you need
And bite your veins
Bleed your pain into me, yeah

Goddamn, I'm tired of lying, oh
I wish I loved you like I used to
So hold on, you pale black eye, no
'Cause when I sleep, I sleep alone

So whatever you want
No, whatever you need
Take from me, right from me
From you

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