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von Manchester Orchestra

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Go if you want to go,
It's better that I know,
Than in a month from now
Why did I waste a flight,
On a stern eve's night,
I never meant to hide
And you turned around,
And I could feel it loud,
The mighty trumpet sound,
And I could feel the breeze,
With an attempt to see,
What's right in front of me
I failed you, You failed me too,
I need you, You swear you need me too,
I see you, You see me too,
I leave (?)
I have suddenly been reflecting light,
The brightest light you've seen,
Deny the voice of God,
From the Heavens house,
You were looking down,
I can see it now,
Like you can't believe
I failed you, You failed me too,
I see you, Are you sure you can see me still,
I need you, You say that you need me too,
But I failed you, and I nailed you too, woah
If this is the end let me die by your side,
I don't even know why I begin to cry,
It's just a fucking ball game,
we'll run all over (?)
tonight, tonight

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