Severed Ties Songtext
von Malevolence

Severed Ties Songtext

You will never take what's mine
It's a state of mind
My world, my world and you're just in it
Passion drives me through and through
And you think I can't do this without you?
You were just a mistake
Another mindless tick on the page
Now torn up and thrown up in your face

Rejected reason pushed aside
Better luck next time
Rejected reason pushed aside
Better luck next time

Another day I've spent wasting away
Wallowing in my self decay
So who's at the top of the throne this week?
Can you even see
When you look down on me
I'm not one of your kind
I never have been
I never will be

Now you know that was your fuckin' mistake
Sometimes you gotta cut the grass to find the fucking snake
Try to waste my time and you'll get left behind
I won't hesitate, I'll say it straight to your face

Sometimes you gotta cut the grass to find the fuckin' snake
I promise I won't hesitate to regulate

Demonstrate and put you back in your fucking place

Your talk is cheap and your bullshit is too
We can see this really isn't for you
You talk the talk, you don't really have a fucking clue
So fuck you

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