Les Salles Obscure de Rose Noire XVIII Songtext
von Malevolence

Les Salles Obscure de Rose Noire XVIII Songtext

Imagine all the singular tastes gathered into one
Of total submission kneeling before the powers of libertinage
Like the famous empress Theodora more women will become drained
Some of them robbers, some slaves after coronation they all will plait
Repulsed by the light they are searching for the greatest
Speech inflaming their stunning heads
Drained of their beings they are searching for the most
Seductive messages to excite their souls
Slithering women burning of desire
Longing for tortures worst than burning in hell
Filling their mature age with fantasy
Degrading the flame of their own misery.
Walking the path of sin filling their empty hearts
With energy the poison moves on thee
Feeling emotions so extreme against decency
And the whispering voice of Christianity
Love is a splendorous weapon swallowing a thousand more
Sodomizing arena of assassination
Death is evidence self controlled malevolence
Control the whore archangel to demon stimulation
Existem ainda idiotas que tomam imbecilmente
Os professores sociais pelas divinas leis da natureza
A accao desses idiotas que tiveram outrora a loucura de censurar
So por si se tornara num merito aos olhos desse agente
considerado Universal
"The perfect hypothetical end for all the passengers
experiencing intoxicating & suffering excursions throughout
the lack of individual reflection."

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