Miles and Miles of Miles Davis Songtext
von Malcolm McLaren

Miles and Miles of Miles Davis Songtext

Meeting Juliette Gréco in bed in the afternoon with Miles Davis
In a cheap hotel on Saint-Germain
Seeing them later in love at the Club Tabou
A ghost of New Orleans
Juliette dances with Miles′ trumpet
Miles and miles and miles of Miles Davis
Echoes around the room
With Juliette sobbing and moaning the verses
A funeral of sublime passion
"I didn't know he was black," she said
"I don′t know why, I just didn't
And when I discovered he was black
I just cried and cried"
Jazz is Paris and Paris is jazz

"So why didn't you sing this song Juliette?" I said
"I can′t," Juliette said, "I only sing in French"

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