The Handing Down Songtext
von Magnolia Electric Co.

The Handing Down Songtext

The handing down, the handing down
Maybe the truth will not be shown
And the dark will just roll on and on. Roll
O three rivers where's that star you once
Held above my faded dreams
Heart worn more than some I guess
But I'm still holding at the seams
Still holding at the seams.
Scarecrow holds an hourglass
Above the cross roads for me
Filled with tears and twilight
From a friend's dying day
And a love letter from the ace of spades
A love letter from the ace of spades
An anchor in the crown
Of Queen Anne's lace and chicory
A charm, a charm to drive away
All the heartaches I gave
All the goodbyes and the 'I love you's
I said but not in time
But mine is the heart of lonesome pine
And the choices weren't always mine
The choices weren't always mine

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