The Dark Don't Hide It Songtext
von Magnolia Electric Co.

The Dark Don't Hide It Songtext

Something held me down and made me make a promise
That i wouldn't tell when the truth forgets about us
But saying it now comes easily
After finding out how you've been using me

At least the dark don't hide it (x4)

You said you only wanted friends for long enough
To get rid of them
You found the kind you knew would only kill you
So you surrounded yourself with them

At least the dark don't hide it (x4)

The world was empty on the day when they made it
But heaven needed someplace to throw all the shit
Human hearts and pain should never be separate
The wouldn't tear themselves apart both trying to fit

At least the dark don't hide it (x4)

Now death is goning to hold us up in the mirror
And say we're so much alike we must be brothers
See i've had a job to do but people like you
Have been doing it for me to one another

At least i don't hide it (x4)

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