North Star Songtext
von Magnolia Electric Co.

North Star Songtext

You used to say i had what it takes
I think i did if you meant to little to late
By the looks that im getting i made some big mistakes
And i thought you said i was great
Shoot straight and give it my best try
Ill make my heart as hard as nails

That might be the way to live your life
But it almost got me killed

Darling, im not giving in
That happened miles ago

I heard the northsttar saying,
Kid you're so lost even I can't bring you home

So did you think that we was gonna last
Well honey, you know you dont have to answer that
Half of that was my kind of joke
But i dont remember which half.
I didnt know how blue i'd get
I didnt know how i'd get blamed
For it

I didnt choose to go down this road
No one chooses to be sick

Saying everything is fine
By the look in my eye
But you know, darling
Half of what a man says is a lie

Its your last chance, to forget me now
And its done for good

You always said i'd make it out
Somehow darling, i knew I never would

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