Just Be Simple Songtext
von Magnolia Electric Co.

Just Be Simple Songtext

You'll never hear me talk about
One day getting out
Why put a new address on the same old loneliness
Everybody knows where that is
We built that house of his
And when he's not home
Someone else we know always is
If heavens really coming back
I hope it has a heart attack
When they see how dangerous it is for guys like that
The night has always known when it's time to get going
When it's really been so long that it starts showing
It's always had that ghost who always almost
Tells me the secret

How there's really no difference in who he was once
And who he's become
I think he's been letting me win
And I think he's doing it again
Thanks for letting me win
And everything you hated me for... Honey there was so much more
I just didn't get busted
I ain't looking for that easy way out
His whole life has been about
Try and try and try
And try and try and try
To be simple again
Just be simple again
Just be simple again

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