Hope Dies Last Songtext
von Magnolia Electric Co.

Hope Dies Last Songtext

What are you hunting here?
Child I hunt what will not stand.
I bring home the Northern Lights
The ocean and the twisting sand
I've seen the arrow, climb, climb, climb
I know it finds my heart every time.
You're taking it too hard
Remember the night
When the fire didn't answer to the flame (x2)
There's no miles in the city now
Promises, I've made no promises

There's just the grey and the emptiness as it is
As it is – I make no small plans, my love
But I know hope dies last of all
Hope dies last of all (x2)
I have mapped my falling sky,
Harper's Ferry to the Gauley Bridge,
Wichita to Omaha and Indianapolis
But I've made it too hard
By forgetting the night
That the fire didn't answer to the flame (x2)
Josephine (x8)

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