My Opinion Songtext
von Mac Mall

My Opinion Songtext

My name is young Mac Mall man, and this is my opinion
And since I got your attention there's some shit I'd like to mention
Fuck them punk ass rollers them highway type of strollers
Cause they be wanting to bust them big fat caps in ghetto souljas
I guess they wanna fold us, but see we won't just have that
Because I'm from the streets in '93
and playas bust back
I might just be a dead man
Because I speak rebellion
They ready did Malcolm X and Dr. King
There ain't no tellin'
The government they hatin me
But still I pack .380
Thats why I won't come back
Uncle Sammy never paid me
And today's the pay day
I'm standing in the cuts fuckin it up with my AK-
black brothas
And since I'm stressed I'm on the quest to put them in their grave
I'm trying to go to school but the system wasn't havin me
Some say it's technicality but this is just reality
In 1992 you know crazy I was feelin
My name is young Mac Mall man and this is my opinion
This is my opinion[x4]
(Aww man, Mac Mall why you comin like that man?
You know thats that shit man straight from the Crestside man
You know they can't fuck with this man, uhhh thats that shit!)
My name is young Mac Mall man and this is my opinion
I had to set up shop, but it ain't rocks that I be dealin
The ghetto type of feelin
The drug money killin, I speaken playa styles
It's gonna make me a million
I'm tryin to burry happily but fools be wantin to cap on me
Thats why I plant in my coat, its something dope
It's gonna be a tragedy on your whole family
So call them punk police, them little old pussies can't even handle me
You might think I'm a criminal, but this is not subliminal
I'm tryin to spit that knowledge to my folks but you don't hear me though
Some might think I rock gang fuss, but all I want is justice
And my chance to get on the mike and spit game to these hustles
And if you like the realnes
You might think this appealing
(Haha, yea though nigga, thats that shit though
You mothafuckas need to hear the shit he spitting though
But you don't hear it though, you just some little punk mothafuckas man
He spitting that real Crestside Sawyer Street playa
Mothafuckas I don't give a fuck kuz I'm hitting this shit man, haha,
biatch biatch biatch!
Cause now I got my chance, to speak my opinion freely
They need to fit on blinders cuz these fools dont want to see me
I'm poppin like a preemy, sometimes I wear a beanie
Its on like that told ya cause that doja got me dreaming
When fools be pimpatraten
It's causin me frustration
And there's no hesitation
In a snitch assassination
Mac Mall is just a youngsta, hustla, thugsta
But if you fiend for dope ass raps, fool I'mma pluck ya
And them mothafuckas, them brothas
Is from another planet
They must don't understand it, how they take they life for granted
So tell me, can you really fuck with this young buck?
I take you on a ride in the trunk side up
And with luck, maybe they can find ya, and sign ya
Off as a loss cause you toss of my penis
Breathing if you live, make dibs on the woodbox
I be kicking tha rocks and shit, and don't sport the dreadlocks

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