Don't Move Songtext
von Mac Mall

Don't Move Songtext

Do I move you, are you willing

Do I groove you, is it thrilling

Do I soothe you, tell the truth now (Tell the truth niggas)

Do I move you (Do I), are you loose now

The answer better be (Yes, yes)
I mean y'all spend so much time hating on a nigga
I just wanna know
It pleases me

Tell me doctor

Am I ill

4 years later and I'm spitting still
And I am getting hotter if you feel
The warming up, I'm burning up
Like I am a re-furnaced act
Check my thermostat
Give me honor stats
There's no turning back
To not earning jack
Check my records doc
And they confirming that
My position, my magician was my mole in hat
Criminally good at turning rap
Me i am still balling
Sperm in sack,
funny dudes give it a rest dude…Bennie Mac
I am in the house, David Guetta
Killing these bitches
Jack the ripper
Illegal music 2, I'm back nigga
You waiting on me, heavy tipper

Are you ready (yea) for this action
See really I'm a humble dude
I don't like to talk too much
I don't like to brag
Does it give you (hmm yea) satisfaction

But see the thing is if you don't hoot your own horn

These niggas
Are you hip to what I'm saying
These niggas are gonna act like you ain't doing nothing
You know what i'm saying
If you are (soo), then let's start swaying (So that be the case)
The answer better be (Yes, yes)
If y'all gon create a monster
Y'all gonna have to live with it
You hear me
It pleases me

So what's the issue
Why are you hating
Where are my pupils – dilating
Quick trying too …annihilate him
Calling me bad…violate him
See if you feel me secretly and play my music frequently but try to beef with me

See my peace with me

Will bring the heat for me
And decently you rest in peace homie (ha ha)
So eat with me
And maybe a tab, created a style, you're only a fan
Every guy got you thinking you popping more than your daddy
Dudes are under the influence
I'll call you a cab
I'm one of a kind
Stop trying to clone me
I'm lyrically hammed (harmed)
These nigga bologna
You Hannah Montana
You fucking with Tony
Inflatable ego
You niggas should blow me
Yea yea

When I touch you (yea yea), do you quiver
I mean you got to admit, this is the 4th project in a row
From your head
That I done changed up the game
Down to your liver
All my shits are classic
I go one way this time
The other way that time, you know
If you like it
So if you like it, you know what i'm saying
let me know it
Just let me know
You ain't gotta hate you know what i'm saying
You ain't gotta hate
Don't be psychic or you'll blow it
I think that's about it yo
The answer better be (Yes, yes)
I think I am done
Great God almighty
That pleases me

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