Flowers of the Gone Songtext
von M. Walking on the Water

Flowers of the Gone Songtext

Stepped out the door
No shadow of a tree
Thousand streets along
Away to be free
No trace where she's gone
No trace why she's gone

Got on some bus
Got on some train
Round thousand corners
Stripped of the chain
No trace ...

Lost on the table
Your dusty hat
Closed by lonely
A mouldy piece of bread
No trace ...

Wherever somebody
Stays alone behind
Alone with himself
The trifles around
Don't comfort him
Scornfully strike his eyes
They say - you are a looser
They say - you may be strong
But you're not the chooser
Some things you've got wrong
The flowers of the gone

At morning after nightfight
With bourbon and love
Your head was dancing
No grace from above
No trace ...

Only sweet cold sweat
At the place beside him
Deep in the pillow
Was no one day to win
No trace ...

Lipstick on the mirror
Just one kiss A.
Love without a name
Not even for a day
No trace ...

He came from the bar
Very late, very tight
One window was broken
Feathers in the night
No trace ...

Honey, jam and laundry
Mixed on the floor
Sawed to pieces
The whole furniture
No trace ...

Truly a little late
His countenance changed
Really very dreary
The whole house rearranged
No trace ...

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