Smile Songtext
von M People

Smile Songtext

I glance back a the time I spent with you, oh
I know you feel the same way too.
A kiss to wipe away the tears,
can't keep on pushing back the years.
We gave up this thing long ago
just like the stream forever flows.

This ain't devotion and it's not defeat
I'm trapped in a kitchen can't stand the heat.
Like tears falling from a wounded sky,
let's leave it here it's time to say goodbye.
say goodbye...


You're no the man who used to make me smile, oh no
I guess I should be moving on.
You're not the man who used to make me smile, oh no
I guess I should be feeling strong.

Would it make you happy if I said I cared for you? oh
Spread my warmth around you in the cold night air.
Walk with me up to the edge
looking over at a life ahead.
I may seem a fool to you, in everything I say or do.

But I know this is our fate
I think we passed our sell-by date.
The encore's through, the show's at an end.
Consign me to history but stay my friend.
Stay my friend...


How can I tell you something?
Now can you understand?
How can I be that someone that you'll never comprehend?


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