Red Flower Sunset Songtext
von M People

Red Flower Sunset Songtext

Written by - Mike Pickering, Paul Heard, Heather Small

My Spring and Summer, Autumn Winter
my all-time wonder man.
This moment in love that we share
could only be the present tense.
My fountain of hope, my Golden Sun
you are my great North Star.
The greatest wonders of the World
can't hold a candle to your power.
Oh I never knew I'd feel so good
so happy, so much pride.
Just lying here up next to you
on a magic carpet ride to...

One Red Flower Sunset.
My Red Flower Sunset.
Baby how I adore it
my Red Flower Sunset.

There's no such thing as time, oh no
just a moment forever.
Holding me in your arms so tight
You know I feel out of this World
A miracle in modern times
that's you and me I swear to God.
A celebration symphony
played out by Angels from above.
Like the sands of time or a moments beat
I don't really mind
'cause I'm right here eyes open wide
staring back into our...

One Red Flower Sunset.
My Red Flower Sunset.
Baby how I adore it
my Red Flower Sunset

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