Lucky 6 Songtext
von Lupen Crook

Lucky 6 Songtext

You've been loosing weight in all the wrong places,
You know you've been fucked but you can't see their faces,
Where's your Lucky 6?

Is it with a silver lining?
Oo ooo awww!
Oo ooo awww!
He wants to know,
Why your lucky 6?

Cause I am not alone in this,
I swear that voice I heard it said -
It felt the same
Oh just like I said,
That's why you'll never catch my name.

He wants to know if he really does?
My advice was to kill the one he thinks he loves,
Because a broken heart is one you can trust
For sure when she's dead you will know it's true love
That kills you in the end,
It's true my love,
I caught you playing dead!

We are only trying,
Trying to make decisions,
About where the Hell you got those Irish eyes?
Your spider leg lashes and your Transylvanian smile?
I wanna see them crying,
Incy wincy sleeping people's bawling,
Where's your Lucky 6?!

Love your Lucky 6.

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