I Do Songtext
von Luke Sital-Singh

I Do Songtext

Faithfulness, beating chest, honesty
Fear will have its way and kill me constantly
I got higher than I thought I could
So why, oh why can't I be proud I did?
Doubtfulness, bearing flesh, you know me
Love will reconnect me with my potency
Love has got me lower than I thought it could
Sometimes there's no answer why I don't feel good

True, stay true
Pray to whatever gets you going every day
To the god who makes you feel that it's okay

Fade to black, flashing back, memory
That summer afternoon when you married me
My ribs on fire and my heart ablaze
My one desire just to meet your gaze

True, stay true
Say I remember every single way you moved
And that melody of how you said, I do

The shudder of the spine in time with the tempo of the heart
Lightning strikes my fingertips
As our skin is forged, never torn apart
My lungs are filled with ocean chill
My eyes with light
I think I died and I know I came alive

Oh, half a decade comes and goes
Like the changing of the leaves
I'm cynical of heaven now
But you make me believe
I love the music and the grace in which you move
I love the rhythms that you choose
And the melody of how you said, I do

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