puppet's song Nº1 Songtext
von L.Stadt

puppet's song Nº1 Songtext

I spy with my eye pastries and good stuff
Why can't you just see these things my way?
I judge from the clouds there'll be a cold night
Hide after the smile taking the rain

Did I ever say how pretty you're in true love?
If I left you, would you crumble or stand tall?
If I ever made you suffer and I really disappeared
Then I really failed to catch you when you fell.

I spy with my heart a sourness of faith that glows
Why can't you just see these things my way?
Love, fill me with love, the only good thing
I reach for the word concealed in prayer

Did I ever fight for truth just like I should do?
Did I ever set my courage really high?
Did I ever say I'm sorry that I left you once again?
For the odds and ends of ego's muffled sighs...

If I tell you I'm the insane to be scared of
If the essence is so shallow and so strange
And if beauty ever saved a soul from reduction and decay,
Is the beauty the only reason for a change?
Will this ever bring the feeling that I care?
Will my true love beat the sweetest kiss of death?

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