Ola Mola Songtext
von Love/Hate

Ola Mola Songtext

Ola mola coca cola
Pass the doochie
Doe-see dola

Back from sleeping
Take a look around
Make a couple calls
See what can be found

Are you hungry?
You wanna feed your head?
You wanna get the green
That makes your eyes red?

Give it to me, man
Whatcha waiting for?
Is this the life?
No, I'm bored

My friend Pedro's got a big sack
All we got to sell is the clothes on our back
And I don't think he needs a new pair of duds
Let's trade it for you sister Lola
She's so young she rides a strolla
Homie's loco ese
El compadre

What does he say?

Ola mola coca cola
Pass the doochie
Doe-see dola

Sit on the couch
Turn on the TV
Make some jello
Smear it on me
Turn on the black light
Let's see the strobe
She says caramba
When she sees Moby

Ola mola coca cola
Pass the doochie
Doe-see dola
If you find the bola bola
Put it in the hola hola

She goes crazy when
She hears the maracas
What you waitin' for, man
You've got the lungs
Of a gorilla
I bet you could take
A bigger hit than Godzilla
One for me and one for me
Kickin' down the blvd.
In brand new shoes
Well, you see the B girl
Got eyes for you
She said, get you finger
Outta my mouth
I said, what's the problem
He likes you, he likes you
Wanna piece of the pie
And you can touch the ya
Start it all over

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