Want You in My Soul Songtext
von Lovebirds

Want You in My Soul Songtext

Future's something we can better see.
There's something missing in the way we we feel.
And I have Noticed.
In Myself That I cant Let it Go.
Wanna make a difference and believe in what we gonna show.
Gotta understand how thing could be this way.
You make a difference in a different way.
And Ive been Feeling
Now You show your love for me
so easily.
Now I know we could be forever
caught in time.
When It comes to Loving we gonna sieze the day.
Never knew that we
could ever be this way.
Cause Ive been
searching, deeper than an
eye of every thought.
Now I Know this feeling, I won.t ever let you down.

Give me something something I can feel it In my soul.
When It comes To Loving You, I lose my self-control
Always knew that this Was it,
And You Gonna be the Last.
Now We see the Future Coming we can forget the Past.
Looking Back to knowing to that Get On Through
Wouldnt really matter it was the for me
And You.
Now our world is changing, we, ve got to see what we gonna do.
I know here for me and I will always.
I want you in my soul, said I want you in my soul.
True love can meet this goal, True Love To meet this goal.
This Thing I cant control>x2
Let the feeling go,> x2
Our Past has been but we can let go.
Just looking back on the things, we, ve done. And I have have Noticed.
In myself I could change it all. Gonna make a difference and believe in what we gonna show.
Gotta stand alone and try to lead the way.
I, ve made my feelings known in every way, And I, ve been seeing. And I, ve been seeing.
And you making peace with them so Easily, Now I know the Love Will be forever caugh in time. Don, t have regrets, for all the things I, ve done. And I believe in, Deep within the core of every soul. Now I know the reason you won, t ever put me down, No.

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