Habit (track by track) Songtext
von Louis Tomlinson

Habit (track by track) Songtext

The concept started out as kinda my relationship with my job at that time
I was kinda having a bit of low-faith relationship with it, and
I think it was when I was releasing music
That I didn't think represented me as much
So that's where "Habit" came from
And the feeling of, you know, wanting something and not being able to put it down
And also, it's written as a love song as well, obviously
This alludes to a girl, as well, uh
But in general, again, another song I'm really proud of
I think the melodies here are great and sharp to it and handful there
Amazing melody, always

So the chorus is about, you know, the idea of a habit
And as I said, it was written with my career in my mind at the time
But the verses are kind of dressed up a little bit more descriptive
And I reference where I used to live with the band
A flat complex corporate apartment or something, you'd find us all there
You know, that place

And musically, I think it's Steve Robson doing what he does best
A lovely electric guitar throughout the song
I'm just, you know, not over-complicated with the production
Just kinda likes the music and the melody and the lyric we'll be talking...

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