Sooner or Later Songtext
von Lord of the Lost

Sooner or Later Songtext

Sooner or later i'll be a traitor
Sooner or later i'll betray
But evil betrayer sooner or later
Is learning that love is finding a way
Sooner or later i'll be a hater
Sooner or later i'm killing again
But all my failures sooner or later
You be the remorse of dying in vain
The car is cracking into
Two hearts, one for me, one for you
But even with a broken heart
I still believe in love
The fall is breasting the depths
The anguish is waking the creeps
But even with a opened scar
I still believe in love
Sooner or later i'll be greater
Than all of the fears in all cold broken hearts
I hear the hater and soon or later
I'm closing the scars
And i believe in...

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