Falself Songtext
von Loch Vostok

Falself Songtext

Wake up shit shower shave it's a new day
Fighting a war on the feeling inside
Crawl outta bed with a sigh it's a new day
A hole in my soul screams out hunger and pain
Forcefeed feeble minded fools my agenda
Follow me swallow me never spit out
Ravenous rants calls for a straight jacket logic
Gotta be so much more

Then I run to your home waiting for the door to open
I am aimlessly floating around
I am so much weaker than I would ever admit
I am lost til I awake from this life

I'm the storm before the calm
Can you help me out
I'm the storm before the calm
Can you help me out
Cause I am lost

Keep face don't look down on your feet
Walk tall and proud do not cry you're a man
That's what I've been told all my life
Questions abound poor excuse for a man
Rinse the nervefibre tapping the vein
Shut out the thoughts, hesitations and fear
Crust of hate hard as stone can't penetrate
Gotta be so much more

New day starts
I am afraid
Lost within and lost without

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